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Jace's bud look at me come oh I like it so hard now it's time yeah we're gonna see plenty Keith Dentist North lakes is got a nice set of teeth it looks so healthy right wow it's like he was just born Oh like a year ago I was one year ago. Read more @

It was one year ago when Phil was born to thank you look at that Dentist Redcliffe doesn't think we should put his suit his back teeth in actually that way we can actually close you're ready to drill look out.

Nicest teeth look say cheese even though emergency dentist brisbane has nice teeth they're like a little crooked and stuff so we've got to get Phil some braces oh you got a mustache yeah races get me down the street. Oh No row your boat gently down Street very Merry life you're not a tree oh there we go and then this one Oh No okay look that dental clinic has got his braces now you got to put them on his teeth this parts a little hard so I'm gonna help chase here wait actors know what's you say fun are you gonna do to quick tips regarding dentist. I did the toothpaste it is a toothpasteI got his braces on now look you want to help me put that on that side of his braces, yeah Best dentist near me can't you're my co dentist fine I'll do it by myself Y'all help you, daddy, Oh Claire's you help me okay go get clearance for me.

He's gonna help me I didn't know Clarence was a certified DDS mom dee do. Clarence putting on braces whom not quite clear let me Oh best dentist redcliffe has you with that whoa check out his braces uh-huh